Aceite Repsol Diesel Serie 3 SAE 30



Monogrid mineral lubricating oil with highly detergent power. Recommended especially for public works machinery and stationary engines. Also suitable for use in aspirated and slightly supercharged diesel engines operating under moderate or severe conditions with frequent drainage periods.

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Repsol Diesel Series 3 SAE 30 Oil


  • Due to its high detergency, it eliminates the products caused by the combustion of the hottest parts of the engine. Keeps the throats of the segments clean, ensuring a perfect seal.
  • Maintenance and prolongation of the engine life.
  • Its alkaline reserve (TBN) allows it to protect the engine against corrosion, neutralizing the acids formed in the combustion of gas oils with different sulfur contents.
  • Maintains adequate pressure in all working conditions.
  • Good anti-wear properties resulting in minimal wear on the engine parts and maintains its maximum power for a long time.


  • API: CF / SF
  • ACEA: E2
  • MB-Approval 228.0
  • MAN 270
  • MTU Type 1
  • CAT TO-2

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